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Delivery Excellence

Consumer Retail
From e-Commerce logistics to intra-company transportation and more, Hyahons consumer retail experts have the solutions you need.

Cold Chain
Hyahon offers robust, innovative cold chain shipping solutions for your temperature-sensitive products, from fresh, frozen and refrigerated foods to life science commodities like pharmaceuticals.

Hyahon manages critical deliveries of sensitive, fragile healthcare shipments, providing thorough support and dedicated customer service.

From automotive components to pharmaceutical-grade clean-room equipment, whatever your industry, Hyahon's global footprint, on-the-ground rate access and localized market expertise deliver seamless, timely and cost-effective shipments that move business forward.

Export china

Some Chinese manufacturers have made use of online platforms to sell goods directly to overseas consumers (B2C).

Most companies simply send these goods abroad by courier, as the trade is frequent but small.

However, these small parcels are not subject to customs supervision, which could lead to problems in areas including customs declaration, commodity inspection, foreign‑exchange settlement and tax refund.

In order to further regulate the inspection and quarantine of export goods, encourage the marketing of foreign trade and facilitate e‑commerce operators in tax refund claims, Hyahon has successfully filed launched pilot schemes for trucking transportation, including 1210, 0110, 9610, 9710/9810, etc.


B2B/B2B2C Customs clearance
With the special e-Commerce clearance license, hyahon can ensure compliant declarations and hassle free handling, as well as ensuring fast processing at arrival.

Hyahon is able to deliver directly to the final destination by trucks and provide line-haul services to major (postal) couriers.

Bonded Warehouses across EU and UK
From our bonded e-HUB at many countries, we make sure your parcels, big and small are handled with care, swiftly processed, Customs cleared and delivered in no time to the fulfillment warehouses (FBA, Alibaba, etc) or your final customers across Europe.

Direct or Intermodal Trucking

Intermodal freight transport involves the transportation of freight in an intermodal container or vehicle, using multiple modes of transportation (rail, ship, and truck), without any handling of the freight itself when changing modes.

Trains are used for the long-haul portion of a domestic intermodal shipment that leverages the efficiency of rail, while trucks are used to pick-up the freight at origin and deliver it to the origin intermodal ramp and then pick-up the freight from the destination ramp and deliver it to the ultimate customer.

So Hyahon is able to provde customers with either door to door trucking service or just stop to door service.

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Reliable ready and affordable

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Agile and Flexible

“Stop with the searching and let your shipment updates come to you. Just download our app and enable notifications. We’ll then let you know every time the status of your shipment changes.”

“Hyahon APIs give you the data to connect everyone in the Smart Platform—or your ERP, and to guide you through optimizing your supply chain for more powerful outcomes.”

“Our dedicated Contract Logistics organization uses technology and innovation to deliver optimized and reliable solutions. Whatever the complexity and the geographical scope, we will design, execute and monitor your trucking solutions to help you keep your promises to your customers.”

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